All OK rap songs lyrics in English and Kannada

All Ok alias, Alok R. Babu,(born 2 May 1989) is a Kannada rapper, singer, actor & music-producer. He is most predominantly known for Kannada rap songs like Don’t Worry, Yaakinge, Young Engo 1 & 2, Nan Kannadiga, Deja Vu, Urban Lads, and many more. Watch on Youtube.
All Ok There are currently 6 song lyrics of All OK in this album.

All OK songs lyrics in English and Kannada have given below. All OK is one of the most famous independent artists in Karnataka.

cake song lyrics cover

Cake Kannada Song Lyrics

crazy allok lyrics poster

Crazy All ok Song Lyrics

Happy all ok lyrics thumbnail

Happy Song Lyrics

Serial Chiller Lyrics

Good Morning song lyrics

Maramman Disco lyrics

Don’t Worry lyrics kannada

Yakinge maga yakinge lyrics

No Fear Song Lyrics in Kannada and English (ನೋ ಫಿಯರ್) All OK


Rahul Dit-O’s Rap songs Lyrics:

  1. Good Vibe Lyrics Rahul Dito
  2. Lit Lit Rap Song Lyrics in Kannada Rahul Dito
  3. Thalme Rahul Dito Lyrics in Kannada
  4. Nangasiddu song Lyrics Rahul Dito
  5. Rocky Bhai Rahul Dito lyrics
  6. Nande Rap Lyrics Rahul Dito
  7. Psychedelic Maaye Lyrics Rahul Dit-o
  8. Howda Kannada Rap Lyrics Rahul Dit-o
  9. Nan Shuddha Kannadiga Rap Lyrics Rahul Dito

Gubbi songs Lyrics:

  1. Naa Tumba Hosaba Bossu Lyrics Gubbi
  2. Outta This World Lyrics Lyrics Gubbi

Chandan Shetty Rap song Lyrics:

  1. Kolumande Song Lyrics Chandan Shetty Rap
  2. Party Freak Lyrics Chandan Shetty

Brodha V rap song lyrics:

  1. Aaraam Kannada Rap song lyrics in kannada

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